Times Square Experience

Times Square Experience


Enjoy Times Square is one and only experience that you are going to have in your life! Millions of people visit every year the most famous place in New York!

There`s no doubt that New York is one of the most spectacular cities in the world! That`s why so many people from all around the world visit the Big Apple (around 39 million per year).

There are so many different things to do, so many different things to see and so many places to visit that is almost impossible that you can complete the tour in your first visit, especially because you do not know from where to start!

The reality is that every day there`s something new going on: new events, new attractions, new options, from food to entertainment. Even people who live in New York get surprised by the constant mutation of the city. Besides that, in every season you have a special feeling.

Visit Times Square is a must to do in New York!

The intersection between Broadway and 7th Avenue is one of the most famous touristic attractions of the city and an obligatory stop at least one time during your trip. You probably saw pictures of Times Square, but experience the place by yourself is amazing. There are so many lightening, so many people and so many information, that does not matter visit the place during the day or night, you will always find a lot of people around!  

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Have a wonderful trip!