5 Reasons To Choose An Apartment Over A Hotel

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5 Reasons To Choose An Apartment Over A Hotel

  Starting to look for accommodation for your vacation/business travel? Take a look what fits for you!


In the last years, travellers from all aorund the world have been change their perception about where to stay while looking accommodation for vacation and business travels. Here some points to have in mind:

- The cost:

The first advantage, and everybody’s favourite one, is that apartments cost much less to rent than a hotel room! With cheaper rates you’ll have more spending money for actually seeing the city and there are less hidden costs than you’ll encounter in most hotels.

And not only will you find apartments are cheaper, but you are often paying less money for a lot more space.

- Location:

By renting an apartment you are likely to have much more choice when it comes to what part of town you’d like to stay in. Whereas hotels in a city tend to be concentrated to one little area, you’ll find holiday apartments all ove town.

So if you are really keen on a particular area of the city you’re planning to visit, then you probably won’t struggle to find an apartment there.

- Cooking at home:

Unlike a stay in a hotel, with an apartment you’ll have your own kitchen to use at mealtimes – so whether you just want to make a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal at breakfast or are planning a huge feast one evening, you will have a kitchen there ready for whenever you need it.

In hostels they often also have a kitchen, but you would have to share it with 20 other people which can be frustrating.

Another added bonus of cooking at home is that you’ll save even more money. Restaurants can be quite pricey in some holiday locations so it’s nice to have the option of eating on for some of the nights.

- Meeting locals

You are a lot more likely to meet some interesting locals during your stay in an apartment. Perhaps when waiting for the lift or when crossing paths at the front door, you’ll be sure to bump into some locals during your stay.

It’s the locals that really make a city what it is, so it’d be a lot more fun to meet them than to meet some tourist with a giant map and bag full of souvenirs at the hotel.

- Amenities:

The last advantage is that many of the holiday apartments out there have handy amenities that you often won’t find in a hotel.

Things like washing machines, televisions and ironing boards – that you had always assumed are were simply not meant to be a part of the holiday experience – are now there and waiting for you in your holiday apartment! And if you are fortunate you’ll have kitchen colors with dark cabinets.