Dubai for selected guest

Dubai for selected guest


The best options for your stay in Dubai!

For those who are coming to visit Dubai for the first time a big surprise will be. The famous Emirate is full of mystery, tradition, but also driven to the future. A mix of past and future is found in Dubai. From the several Mosques around the Emirate to the big skylines, Dubai is a place that travelers from all the over the world come to visit.

One of the best options for a perfect stay in Dubai is find a serviced apartment, with all facilities for a comfortable and relaxed time. Privacy and home feeling are going to make you enjoy Dubai as a local.

Places4stay offers to travelers a selection of finest apartments in the best locations in Dubai. From Downtown to Marina, we have units with gym, indoor and outdoor pools, children play grounds, private parking, and more.

If you are planning to visit Dubai, just take a look at our website and we will provide you the best alternatives for your stay. With a single click, you can discover the best flats!

If you have any questions, you can contact us at for more information!

Have a nice stay in Dubai!

* Photo credit: @danielcheongdubai