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Experience Miami beach as a local!



Living a different experience while you are traveling and also enjoy the best of Miami Becah is posiible!


When most travelers picture an escape to Miami Beach's sun-soaked shores, they probably envision South Beach, the region's indisputable tourist hub. What few fail to realize is that SoBe is clogged with visitors, and what they find is often a cross between MTV's Jersey Shore and a bad episode of the Real Housewives. Picture a sea of $50 margaritas (no exaggeration), drunken shenanigans and frat bros driving rental Ferraris.

If your ideal beach vacation involves a decidedly more chill scenario, consider a stay in North Beach, just a few miles north (imagine that!) of South Beach. The oceanfront neighborhood lies a mere 15-minute drive from the thrum of SoBe, between 63rd Street and 87th Terrace, but feels a world away.

The stretch of beach here is classic Miami: wide swaths of soft, white sand, sparkling turquoise waves and lined with small, grass-covered dunes. You can stroll a palm tree-lined promenade, and play volleyball at the sand courts along 73rd Street.

It's largely a residential hub, and prominently Latin American — Spanish is the first language of most people you'll meet.

You won't go hungry in the 'hood. Within a 5-block stretch, you'll encounter Argentinean, Colombian, Peruvian, Cuban, Mexican, Ecuadorian and Brazilian restaurants — plus a juice bar, sushi and Chinese takeaway.

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* Credit: Travel Channel